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Overtracking Review

Overtracking is a privacy-friendly analytics tool that helps you understand visitor behavior with heat maps and session replay.
Overtracking Review


Overtracking is a privacy-friendly analytics alternative to Google Analytics GA4. It has a clean dashboard that's easy to read at a glance, and all plans come with powerful heatmaps and session recording features to help you gather even more insights from your website.


Overtracking's pricing is mainly geared towards sites receiving less than 500k visits per month. Their free plan is more restrictive than most, but they also have the most affordable entry-level plans of any privacy-friendly analytics platform.

Traffic # of Sites Pricing
1k page views / mo. 1 Free
2-50k page views / mo. 25 €6.95
50-100k page views / mo. 25 €12.95
100-150k page views / mo. 25 €19.95
150-500k page views / mo. 25 €49.95
500k+ page views / mo. 25 Contact for pricing

Dashboard Experience

Overtracking has a nice, clean dashboard that makes it easy to find key information at a glance. You won't need to search for your top referrers or pages anymore: both of these can be seen as soon as you load your dashboard.

The Overtracking demo dashboard.

Additional Features

In addition to standard analytics, all plans on Overtracking also come with Heatmaps and Session Recording standard. This is a nice bonus considering paid tools can cost hundreds of dollars a year.

Demo Dashboard

Overtracking offers a free demo of its dashboard so you can see exactly what you'll be getting.

Dashboard - Overtracking

Google Analytics Alternative - Overtracking
Overtracking is a zero-cookies and advanced web analytic tool. No cookies and compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Google Analytics alternative privacy-free.

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