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Beam Analytics Review

Beam is free up to 100k page views and offers extra features like funnels and cohort retention.
Beam Analytics Review


Beam arrived on the scene in early 2023 with the ambitious goal of becoming the supermarket house brand of analytics tools. They offer a trio of web analytics, user funnels, and cohort retention for free up to 100k visits per month. After that, each additional 100k visits is billed at a flat $2 per month. If you're looking to dip your toes into a Google Analytics alternative or just have a single small site, Beam is worth looking into.


You can use Beam for free until you exceed 100k page views per month. After that, paid plans start at $11 per month and increase by $2 per month for every 100k page views per month you receive across an unlimited number of domains. There is also an Enterprise plan if you need SSO/SAML login, a dedicated success manager, or SLAs.

Traffic Pricing
< 100k page views / month Free
100-200k page views / month $11
200-300k page views / month $13
300-400k page views / month $15
400-500k page views / month $17
500-600k page views / month $19
600-700k page views / month $21
700-800k page views / month $23
800-900k page views / month $25
900-1000k page views / month $27

Dashboard Experience

As you might expect from a tool called "Beam", the dashboard experience is light and airy with very little to get in the way. Key metrics like unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, visit duration, and live visitors are all available up at the top. When viewing data for a single day, the chart intuitively displays time rather than dates. This can be helpful if you want to know what the natural ebb and flow of traffic to your site looks like on a given day or find out when a traffic spike occurred.

Screenshot showing the Beam Analytics dashboard.
The Beam Analytics dashboard.

Additional Features

In addition to website analytics, each paid plan comes with access to Beam's built-in User Funnel and Cohort Retention tools. These features let you define custom events and track conversion and retention over time. You can even segment users depending on which pages they've hit in order to create custom cohorts for campaigns, marketing pages, and more.


How long has Beam been around?

Beam officially launched in January of 2023.

What is the data retention policy?

According to their terms, Beam retains site data for 60 days past the final billing period. After that point, they permanently delete all site data. Manually deleting your account will immediately delete all site data and backups.

Beam - Google Analytics alternative that is GDPR compliant
Beam is the most affordable Google Analytics alternative on the market. And it comes with cohort retention and funnel analysis.

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