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Affiliate Disclaimer

Visitorfi uses affiliate links for some of the tools and services I write about. That means that, when you click on a link and subscribe, I may receive a small commission as the referrer.

This is the best way to keep Visitorfi sustainable without introducing a bunch of distracting ads or putting up a paywall. 95% of the content on this site is based on factual research and only about 5% is based on my opinion where I think it can be helpful.

I'd like for this site to be around for years to come and to be the place where you can go to discover new tools and get inspired to learn from your visitors in a way that respects their privacy.

The presence of affiliate links in no way affects my judgement, process, reviews, or recommendations. All thoughts are my own and you are encouraged message me on Twitter if you spot any potential bias.

Participating Programs

For full transparency, here are all of the affiliate programs that Visitorfi currently participates in:

Company Affiliate Status
Beam Analytics Affiliate
Clicky Affiliate
Fathom Analytics Affiliate
Friendly Analytics No
Matomo No
Pirsch Affiliate
Plausible No
Seal Metrics No
Simple Analytics No

The list above is current and was last updated on July 8, 2023.

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