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Fathom Analytics Review

Features like anonymous page view tracking and ad blocker bypassing make Fathom a strong option.
Fathom Analytics Review


Don't let its calm dashboard mislead you: Fathom has some serious chops powering its service. A 7-step approach to data handling ensures truly anonymous tracking, any EU-based traffic is automatically routed to servers in the EU, all historical data is retained indefinitely, and it can even track users who have ad blockers enabled. All of this amazing tech comes at a price though, as plans start at $14 per month and go up from there.

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All of Fathom's plans will let you connect up to 50 websites to one account, which should be enough for all but the most prolific of webmasters. Pricing starts at $14 per month for up to 100k page views and increases based on tiers. Fathom offers a 30-day free trial on all its plans.

Traffic Pricing
Up to 100k page views / month $14 / mo.
100-200k page views / month $24 / mo.
200-300k page views / month $44 / mo.
300-400k page views / month $44 / mo.
400-500k page views / month $44 / mo.
500-600k page views / month $54 / mo.
600-700k page views / month $54 / mo.
700-800k page views / month $54 / mo.
800-900k page views / month $54 / mo.
900k-1m page views / month $54 / mo.
Up to 2m page views / month $74 / mo.

Dashboard Experience

Fathom has managed to strike a nice balance between presenting key information and keeping the dashboard simple. Colors, when they are used, are slightly muted and transparent, which helps the design to fall away and let the data do the talking—which, in our opinion, is exactly how it should be. More advanced features are hidden further down the page, so they don't take away from the primary metrics displayed at the top.


Fathom uses a 7-step approach to handle data so that it becomes completely anonymized, but still useful.

Additional Features

Looking beyond the surface, Fathom boasts a long list of features you might expect from a premium analytics tool such as path filtering, uptime monitoring, and campaign tracking. They have also invested heavily in their infrastructure and can handle any sudden traffic spikes with ease.


How long has Fathom been around?

Fathom was founded in 2018.

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