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Pirsch Analytics Review

Pirsch offers a beautiful and clean analytics dashboard that looks great in dark mode.
Pirsch Analytics Review


Pirsch has created what might just be the best looking analytics dashboard for websites. All data is stored on German servers, and it actually manages to make checking your dashboard fun. That said, it is a fairly lean tool, and we found it to be especially cumbersome to check data for multiple sites. Power users and those who want to track a lot of websites may find themselves outgrowing it quickly.


Pirsch starts at $6 per month for up to 10k page views and increases from there based on traffic. All plans include unlimited websites and admins, plus access to all features.

Traffic Pricing
0-10k page views / month $5 / mo.
10-100k page views / month $10 / mo.
100-200k page views / month $15 / mo.
300-400k page views / month $30 / mo.
400-500k page views / month $30 / mo.
500-600k page views / month $45 / mo.
600-700k page views / month $45 / mo.
700-800k page views / month $45 / mo.
800-900k page views / month $45 / mo.
900k-1m page views / month $45 / mo.
1m-5m page views / month $79 / mo.

Dashboard Experience

We give Pirsch high marks for dashboard design and layout. We found it to be extremely legible and it made it easy to keep a pulse on the performance of our sites. However, there is no unified multi-site view like that offered by Fathom, and we found it time-consuming to switch between sites every time we needed to check something.

Additional Features

Pirsch makes it easy to connect your Google Search Console account, which lets you uncover the keywords that are bringing in the most traffic. We found it very easy to set up conversion goals and events in order to run experiemnts and get even more detailed data. You can also choose to make your entire dashboard public or send targeted access links to clients, contractors, team members, and more.


How long has Pirsch been around for?

Pirsch was founded in 2019.

Cookie-free and Privacy-friendly Web Analytics - Pirsch Analytics
Pirsch is a simple, privacy-friendly, open-source alternative to Google Analytics — lightweight, cookie-free and easily integrated into any website or backend.

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